Tuesday, September 4, 2012

World's Best Turkey Sandwich

 I am always trying to come up with a recipe for a good turkey sandwich.  I find them so bland.  When I made the pumpkin bread I knew it would be very good with turkey.  There is a whole world of competition out there filled with people claiming to make the best turkey sandwich in the entire world.  I just joined them!

 I brined a turkey breast and roasted it and removed all of the skin. 

 Then I sliced the meat very thin.  This turkey breast just about drove Teddy crazy.  And yes, she did get her fair share of it.

 I sliced the pumpkin bread and spread one side with Dijon and the other with mayonaisse.

 I add some brie to one side.

 And Gouda to the other side.  Then I added sprouts.

 I topped the sprouts with thin apple slices, added fresh tomatoes, iceberg lettuce for crunch and then the turkey. The meat is very flavorful from being brined.

I served it with some of my homemade refrigerator pickles.  I don't know if it is the best turkey sandwich in the whole world but it is right up there.