Monday, January 9, 2012

Loco Moco, If You Have Never Tried This You Should

The thing that interests me most in cooking is local favorites. If a certain dish is very popular in one location, there is a reason for that. And, it usually is because it is so good. Loco Moco is a popular local food found all over Hawaii. It was created in Hilo but now can be found in most small restaurants and vendor trucks. And it is good. Actually, it is great!

You will need ground meat to form patties and traditionally, it is served over rice. I like this brown rice blend I buy at Trader Joes. You can use white or brown rice.

As the rice cooks, prepare the patties. Form large rounds by pressing together gently. Sprinkle them liberally with salt and pepper.

Place them in a hot skillet.

Sprinkle on some granulated garlic.

Once they have developed a dark crust on each side, cover them and let them steam for about 3 minutes. They should be meduim rare. Don't overcook. They will continue to cook when you remove them from the pan.

I keep them in a 170 degree oven while I prepare the rest.

Fry some sunny side up eggs in a bit of butter.

Oops...I forgot to mention something important. Either buy or make some macaroni salad. Loco Moco is almost always served with macaroni salad. I made a dill macaroni salad.

Place some macaroni salad in a bowl next to a scoop of the rice. Place a patty on top.

Ladle some good, rich gravy over the patty. I used my vegetable gravy for this.


And to finish it off, top it with a fried egg sprinkled with some fresh parsley. You may never have heard about loco moco before but once you eat it, you will never forget it.