Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall in the Gardens

I am using up as much of my garden bounty as possible. I made this for the kids yesterday. I chopped up a bunch of really ripe tomatoes, picked handfuls of fresh herbs like thyme, basil, oregano and chives and diced them. Thinly sliced some sweet onion and grated some home grown garlic. I added a bit of olive oil and salt and freshly cracked pepper. I boiled some little tubes of pasta. After mixing it all together I stirred in some cubed provolone cheese. This can be served cold or at room temp.

The Fall Flowering Clematis continues to open.

Peppers continue to grow.

I have to go out and walk the property each morning and pick up any pieces of Locust branches that fall. Look at the size of these thorns. They could do major damage to puppy paws. I know because they have injured my paws several times.

I still have eggplants growing.

And my celery is ready and Saturday is supposed to be cool so it will be a ketchup making day! The Blog Tech will be learning to make ketchup this year.

These Morning Glories grow like weeds and are everywhere.

I saw two big fish in the upper pond this morning. I wonder if they will make it through the winter.

The Fall Flowering Clematis is flowering on the gazebo. Someone asked the other day how I handle this plant. It can become very invasive. I treat it very much like a weed. I pull it out in places it does not belong and after it finishes blooming, I will cut it back to the ground. Next spring it will come back with a vengeance.

It looks like the gazebo has been decorated for a wedding. You can cut and train this Clematis to grow any which way you want!

This is the room where I planted the Impatiens months ago. You can see the ones in the back are shriveled. This is the worst drought we have had in years. Today it is going to be in the mid 90's again!

Look how beautiful the bark is on the River Birch.

Soon it ill be time to turn all of the falls off.

We will enjoy them for about another month. Once the leaves start falling, the pool and ponds and stream have to be shut down.

Roses are still blooming.

And I harvested the Chinese Lanterns and hung them to dry today. This is a plant that will really take over if you don't keep up with it.

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