Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beautiful Rime

 As we headed out to the higher mountains early yesterday morning the world was covered in rime.  I never knew what this was called until I read about it on Christer's blog:   
It sure is hard to get off the car windows.
We don't get it often but when we do, it is the most beautiful thing.

In the high mountains, it looked like each branch had been painted with snow.

I have been seriously missing winter this year.  We are almost 20 inches below average snow fall.

This gave me a winter fix.

Click for a closer look.  This barn always reminds me of an Andrew Wyeth painting.

This is the house that goes with it.

The mountains behind it looked magical.

I could live here in this weather all year long.

Sorry about the photo quality but we just caught these guys out of the corner of our eye as we were driving buy.  This is a trainer working with a pack of hunt dogs.  There is a big English fox hunt in this area.  I rode in it long ago.

I also love this barn.  Another storm is heading our way and I am hoping for lots of snow!