Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Want This Door

I saw this door on the internet and I want it.  I actually want two of them for the stone house.  I need to get my iron guy to make new gates for the guest house and I am going to try to get him to recreate these doors.  Isn't it magical?

This little puppy got herself into trouble yesterday.  She was walking on one of the frozen ponds when the ice cracked and she face planted right in the bottom of the very sludgy pond.

I immediately tried to clean her which she would not allow.  She ran away and hid. I could not even get a pic of her.  She was totally black and smelled like pond scum. I keep trying to brush it out and am about half way there.  Stubborn, stubborn puppy.
She wants to know if she is still cute enough to get a treat.