Saturday, December 8, 2012

Chewy Gingerbread Cookies

New plates!  I had my eye on these all through Fall at Sur La Table and scored these when they went on sale for 3.99 each.  I bought a dozen of them!  Perfect for October Farm.

I made a huge meat and cheese platter for my daughter's event.

It took well over an hour to make this and every last piece was eaten.  I made six beef roasts with gravy and enough mashed potatoes for 230 people and there was not a drop of anything left. 

I've started my Christmas baking though it feels more like the 4th of July here rather than Christmas.  It's almost 60 degrees here right now.  Not even close to my idea of December weather.

I made chewy gingerbread cookies. 

If you want the recipe just click here:

This is my favorite gingerbread cookie of all time.

Thanks to everyone who left comments about Bev.  I have a very sad heart.