Thursday, June 11, 2015

How to Build a Garden Totem

 I am sure that the people that work at the thrift shops I frequent, think I am crazy. I carefully study each piece of glass I buy and end up with a cart fully of jangling glass.  I always help them wrap it so they don't hate me too much. This is the newest totem I made.

 I found these tiny little houses at one of the thrift stores and thought they would be cute in totems.  This one is an antique shop.

I am making them smaller so they are easier to transport and so they aren't too heavy.
 I made this one using and old glass plate as a base. I lucked out and found this crackle bowl and glued the little antique shop to it then turned a clear glass bowl over it and glued it down.

See that little clear glass votive holder on the right?

That got glued on top of the little bowl.

Oops....Teddy shot!  This is what she does all day long in this horribly hot humid weather.  She lays on the stone floor in front of her fan.  Smart pup!

Then I glued a vase, a plate and a globe from an old light fixture to the top.

I work outside so I don't get a glue high!