Friday, December 9, 2011

Teddy Gets a Bone

This is something I truly do not understand. I know dogs bury bones in case they run out of food. When I give Teddy treats she gobbles them. However, if I give her a dog biscuit shaped like a bone, she grunts and then takes great care to find a very secret hiding place and she buries it. Why? It is not a bone. It is only shaped like a bone. She doesn't bury her other treats.

Notice the bit of curl behind her ear. It was raining when I took this pic and the humidity makes her hair curl!

At first she always looks confused. It seems that she is thinking it over. Should I eat this or bury it?

She always ends up taking it outside.

There she goes. She starts the hunt to find the secret burial place.

Doesn't she look like Jack Nicholson as the Joker. That is the bone in her mouth.

She keeps looking at me as if to ask that I look the other way. She does not want me to see where she buries it.

She has held these in her mouth as long as a half hour before I get bored and go inside and then she buries it. I just can't figure my puppy out sometimes!