Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Teddy and Sushi

I made sushi yesterday but before I get to that, I thought I should show you how Teddy is doing her part to help in this frigid weather.  She is doing her version of snow removal, a few square feet at a time.

When she is not helping outside, she is doing cleanup in the kitchen.

But mama, I am bored.

Back to the sushi....I think my family could eat sushi almost every day.  I hadn't made it in years because I really find rolling it with the bamboo mats to be a pain in the butt. A while ago my blogging friend in NZ showed a sushi maker on her blog that was very interesting.  I am not a gadget person but if I find a good one, I love to share.  I bought some ahi tuna but I also wanted to make a variety so I made some crab cakes to use in my sushi making. Thanks Leanne and Abby! ( http://cottagetails.blogspot.com/ )

If you want a good crab cake recipe, you can find it here: http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/search?q=crab+cakes

After cooking, I let them cool off and then cut them in strips.

This is the sushi maker and it is the coolest gadget I have come across in a very long time.  It is called the Sushezi and you can buy it on Amazon.You make the sushi rice and add 1/2 C. to each side of the cylinder. Then using the bar, you press down on the rice to make the groove for the filling.
I prepared carrots, daikon, cucumber and some oshinko.  I use a skewer that I plunge into wasabi paste to get an even layer of wasabi down the center of the rice. Then layer your other fillings, I used the crab cakes in some and the ahi tuna and some surimi in the others. Unfortunately, I forgot to get some photos of the next few steps but if you buy the gadget, it shows you how to proceed.  Basically though, once the sushi is prepped the way you want it, you close the tube, latch the latches and twist the plunger which compacts the sushi roll.  Then you lay down a piece of nori, remove the cap from the sushi tube and just push the rice roll right out the end....perfect.

Roll it iup in the nori and set aside for a few minutes.

Once all the rolls are made, slice them into pieces. Perfect sushi rolls.  I made an ahi tuna salad to go with it too.  I see a lot more sushi eating in our future.