Thursday, November 19, 2015

They Moved In

 The Blog Tech and his sweetie moved into his house last night.  It was his birthday and he thought his girlfriend was in DC.  She drove in and surprised him by making a delicious dinner for him when he got back from work.  She made seared scallops, truffle risotto and roasted brussel sprouts. One of his favorite meals.

 I still have to finish the basement after it is painted and I'll show that when I am done with it.

 The kitchen door turned out very nice.

 The master bedroom.

 I might place a big pine armoire on this wall for more closet space.

 The first floor bath.

 It's small but it's nice.

 Dining room.

 I hung some photos I bought in Bar Harbor, Maine.

 The upstairs bathroom, also small but cute.  It's white but it looks yellow in these pics because of the glare from the lights.

 It still has the original tub from 1943. I installed a shower and glass doors.

It turned out pretty nice.
 This is an office/guest room.  I had these day beds custom made and had handmade ticking mattresses made for them.

 More Maine photos.

 This is the biggest room in the house.

 This is the 3rd bedroom.  I am waiting on rods so I can hang the drapes.

 This bedroom has 2 pretty big closets.

 A closeup of the headboard.

So, except for the arrival of a coffee table and one more end table, the place is basically done.  I sure hope they enjoy it!  I think it is a very good house for making babies!  Ha ha....I am a scheming wanna be babcia.