Monday, January 2, 2012


Years ago, a Czech hockey manager taught me to make this dish. I haven't made it in years and I have no idea why. I tweaked the original recipe a bit and it certainly will not be years before I make this again. This is one of the best dishes you will ever eat!

I had some legs I needed to use but a whole chicken would be good or legs and thighs. These were skinned but you could make this with the skin on to add flavor and just remove the skin later.

Saute' a large onion in a few tablespoons of oil. Use a white onion if you have one. The Czechs taught me that certain onions work better in particular recipes.

Sprinkle the onions with about 2 teaspoons of freshly cracked black pepper and some sea salt.

Add 4 teaspoons of sweet paprika.

Add 4 diced garlic cloves.

Stir them all around and cook until the onion begins to soften a bit.

Add 6 cups of chicken stock.

Add a container of Knorr's condensed chicken stock.

Submerge the chicken in the stock.

Bring the stock to a boil. Cover and simmer for about an hour to an hour and a half. The chicken should be falling off the bone and should shred easily. If you used chicken with skin, now is the time to remove it.

Remove all of the meat from the bones and shred the larger pieces.

Add them back to the stock.

In a separate bowl, mix 4 tablespoons of flour, 1/3 cup of sour cream and 1/2 cup of cream. Slowly add hot stock and whisk it in to temper the mix.

Add hot stock from the pot, whisking until the cream mixture is warm and liquid.

Now add the cream mixture to the hot stock and chicken. Stir this around and cook over medium heat until it begins to thicken a bit. You don't want it to be too thick.

I served this mixed with orreciette pasta sprinkled with dried dill. I would prefer fresh dill but I had none. This would be great served with spaetzle or with Czech knedliky.

The guys here were moaning as they ate this. It is that good!