Friday, September 19, 2014

Have You Found A Pumpkin

 For those of you who have asked, no, I do not have enough pumpkins yet.  I got some more yesterday.  This is a short post today because I was gone to the country all day yesterday and I have lots of photos to sort through.  I am so busy right now.  This happened every year.  Summer just drags and drags and then September comes around and BAM!, time just flies by.

 Some people rescue animals.  I rescue pumpkins.  They are a fleeting breed but while they are around, I feel the need to give them a good home.  I built a fire to welcome the new ones last night.

 Teddy is guarding them.  That is a side gate which is partially hidden by the arborvitaes.  She lays in wait for someone to walk into that neighbors yard.

 More mini pumpkins adorn the potting table.

 The ones in front on the left are the cement pumpkins I bought a while back.

The path to the back gardens invites you to take a walk.  I'll show you pics of yesterday's trip later this weekend.  We are off early tomorrow to another big Fall festival.