Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's That Time of Year

Time to start cleaning up the gardens. Not exactly my favorite thing. This is when I regret creating two solidly planted acres. Plus, last year we had to remove tons of broken trees because of the heavy snow damage. This year we have to replace all of them.

My little toad is watching over the mums which are some of the first things to come back in the spring.

And I have a real problem to solve. See that root running between the blue stone pavers?

See the raised blue stone paver? I have these everywhere. Not only are they ugly, they are dangerous.

See the bigger root running along the side of the blue stone boarder?

And look at the ones crisscrossing the little bit of lawn between the raised beds? Which means they are under those raised beds too. Ugh! I am removing the raised beds this year and planting in my lower gardens hoping to alleviate some of the stink bug problems of last year. But what am I going to do about these roots? I am so tempted to just cut some out. But something tells me that will kill the trees.

The rhodies are budding out.

The snow drops are about to bloom.

Another damn root. They are everywhere I look and have totally damaged the patio around my fountain.

Interestingly, my garden totems made it through the winter without breaking.

This one has a bit of condensation but I am sure that will disappear when it warms up.

They have to be moved since the raised beds are about to disassembled.

The last of the ice is melting on the pool cover.

What can I say....roots, damn roots.

I think it is time for these junipers to go too. They were barely 3 feet tall when I planted them 15 years ago. The one on the left uprooted with out last heavy snow. Plus, they are blocking out the view of the garage door.

I drastically cut back the oakleaf hydrangeas this year.

See that long black root running along the side of the walkway? I feel like I am living in "The Little Shop of Horrors". I think it is time to move!