Monday, June 17, 2013

A Typical Day

 On Sunday morning I made Texas Hot Sauce for the guys at the shelter.  Apparently the last time I made this they really liked it and word got back to me that they were wishing for more.

 Twelve pounds of ground beef, 6 hours of cooking and 150 hotdogs later, they were ready to be served.

 It is scape time and I cut my garlic scapes early the same morning.

 I had a bunch of blueberries that needed to be made into jam so I put them to cook on a back burner.

 I made lots of coffee....this is my preferred brand.

 If we were about to have jam, we needed biscuits, so I whipped up some biscuit dough.

 I sauteed the scapes.

 And made everyone scape omelets with bacon.

 The jam cooling.

 Freshly baked biscuits with butter.

 Blueberry jam and rhubarb jam.

 I made pizza dough for later in the day.

 And I made a chocolate and vanilla oreo cake for the shelter.

 It was a poke cake and topped with chocolate pudding and then whipped cream.

 The Sicilian pizza we had for lunch.

 I made Scotch eggs and blueberry pancakes for breakfast for those who did not want scape omelets.

 Then I prepared some Indian food fordinner.  This is dal made from lentils.

 I harvested lots of fresh herbs to use in everything.

 I made dough for naan.

 And potato and hard boiled egg curry.


 I cooked the naan on the griddle pan.

 Then brushed them with garlic butter.

 I also made lamb koftas.

 The finished idlis.  These are served covered in dal.

The finished lamb koftas.