Friday, October 29, 2010

Treats for Teddy and Salem Houses

Look what came in the mail for Teddy! Halloween treats from her friend Lil' Teddy in California!! When Teddy really likes something a lot she sort of grunts when you put it in her mouth. She grunts each time I give her one of these. My kids tried to eat them when they saw them. Teddy would not have been happy if they did. Thank you so much Lil' Teddy and Kary!!!

I thought you might be interesting in seeing some of the houses of Salem. Besides the cool witchy area, Salem is quite a gorgeous town and has wonderful old homes.

A typical Salem street.

Look at the pitch on this roof!

Having a big old Victorian myself, I shudder to think of the upkeep on these behemoths.

Some people go all out with their decorating.

Some just have year round Halloween colors. Notice the color on the front door.

This is one of my favorites.

This has a very unusual widows walk on it's roof.

Look at the size of these chimneys.

I could really have fun picking out colors and deciding what to gold leaf on this beauty. Oh the things I would do with this one. Victorian color combos are one of my areas of expertise.

I love the fences surrounding these homes.

Multi-paneled windows......yes!!!

Another bad choice of colors for what could be a spectacular house.

I want an ivy covered brick house.

I love this one but it confuses me. Why no shutters on the lower right? And why is there a cornice around the upper left window but not the upper right? Why??? I need to know these things to sleep at night.

Look at the dental coins on this one. Again, I think this could be gorgeous in more daring colors.

Ahhhh...perfection. Notice that this is almost exactly the same house as the previous picture but this one is brick and does not have the coins.

This is also a mirror image of the above picture but this one is covered in ivy.

I like the contrast between the framed house and the brick garage.

I also like the way the town has preserved the old trees that line the streets. They add such ambiance.

This is another interesting one. Which side is the addition. I am guessing the part to the right. It's an interesting incorporation for the entryway.

And here is another of the same houses in brick but painted white. It's amazing how many of these were built and how people have managed to make them look so different.

This is one of my favorites. It sits sideways to the street. The front door faces it's driveway. And once again it is a duplicate of the others.

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