Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas in Zoar

 Where is my winter?  Instead of snow this past weekend, it poured rain.  We headed out to the country to attend Christmas in historic Zoar Village in Ohio.

 Even with the rain, the drive was beautiful.

 BTW....if you are getting word verification on my blog, it is not from me.  I have it turned off.  Apparently, blogger has added this and there is nothing I can do about.  It is a new security measure they have taken.  Maybe if enough people complain they will take it down.

 I love how this barn is decorated.

 Zoar hotel.

 The town was pretty empty.

 I don't think many people wanted to brave the pouring rain.

 Houses were open to tour.

 This brick sidewalk lines the entire town.

 The town gardens.

 The gardeners house and the greenhouse.

 People still live in a lot of the historic homes.

The tin shop. We did a bit of shopping but left early.  We were soaked and it was really cold.
On the way home we stopped in a small town to visit an amish market.

I stocked up on cheese, Amish butter, ring bologna, pepper bacon, summer sausage and honey.  I also got some fresh eggs.  A good trip overall.