Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bee Hive Butter Cakes

How would you like your own little bee hive butter cake as dessert tonight?    Aren't these cute?  When I recently made my Kentucky butter cake, my future daughter in law loved it so much that she asked if there was any way to get more of the crunchy coating on it.  I told her sure!  I would double the glaze and make individual cakes the next time
I found this ceramic bee hive mold online a while ago and decided to make the cake in it.  You can find the recipe here:

I found these cute little sugar bees online too.

I keep ladling the syrup over the cakes letting it soak in each time.  I had extra batter so I made a few small additional cakes in the back.

The bees stick to the glaze.

As these cool, the glaze dries and forms a crunchy crust.  The cake itself is very moist.