Monday, April 7, 2014

Peregrine Falcons

I have a couple of Peregrine Falcons haunting all of the birds in my gardens.  I will try to get a pic of them.  All I managed to get was a photo of a bird that landed on their tree after I scared them away.  That tree to the left is the highest tree on my property and it is where they sit to look for their dinner.  You can read about them here: 
They nest on the skyscrapers in the city and apparently have found my hidden niche of exotic birds that live in my gardens.  Why eat pigeons when you can eat Tanagers?  If the eat any of Teddy's bad kitties will will have a real problem.  They are so big that Teddy chased after them barking.
I guess I am rushing the season but I planted my first flowers yesterday.  These are Shasta Daisey's.

And I potted some Anemones.

Part of my garden experiment for this year are these pots. I have planted them with radish and carrot seeds.

I've planted them in circles and spaced them so there should virtually be no thinning. In a little over a month I should be able to harvest and then plant the pots with something else.

I found these growing all over my dead river birch.

My Wisteria and Clematis growing up the pergola.  The wisteria roots never cease to amaze me with the way they twist and take over everything they grow on.