Friday, September 2, 2016

The Flower Girl and the Ring Bearer

 One of the flower girls and one of the ring bearers will be staying at my guest house with their parents for the wedding.

 I've never had kids stay here before.

 I think they are going to like it.  There are toys in all of the drawers in the sideboard on the porch.

 It's a great porch for kids to play on.

 There's plenty of reading material scattered around too and a raven with red eyes.

 I left the extra table set up from Thanksgiving last year because we will be having lots of guests this year too.

 I wonder who will sleep in the top bunk.  Something tells me the ring bearer will sleep up there.

 There are tons of toys to play with.

 And lots of dead stuffed things to freak them out.

 There is definitely a touch of the macabre in the guest house.

 And a painting of Teddy to remind them to stay in the lower gardens!

 I made marshmallows for them to toast in the fireplace.

 There is a lot to explore.

 There are still some berries to pick.

 The potting shed can be a play house.

And they can feed the fish. I am hoping they will have a very good time.