Friday, August 2, 2013

Teddy's Umbrella and Peach Pancakes

 It rained yesterday morning.

 And Teddy laid on the patio all morning under her umbrella.

 The question is, does Teddy even know that she has an umbrella?  Chows can not look up in the air, their necks are too big.  I think Teddy just thinks there is a permanent dry spot on the stone.  Tail down.

 The Blog Tech just walked by and look at her tail.  She did not budge an inch but the tail was wagging!  Tail up.

 Down puppy.  The rain eventually lulled her to sleep.

I bought some really good local peaches yesterday and made peach pancakes for the fam.  Use any pancake recipe you like and saute' thin slices of peaches in a bit of butter.  Pour the batter over the peaches.  Cook until the batter bubbles and flip over.  Serve with maple syrup.