Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Witch Head and Planters

My planters are starting to fill out.
 My driveway in bloom.

 I guess I am still collecting witch items.  I found this old chalkware matchstick holder on ebay.

 She has the best witch face.  It is going in the guest house.

 She will hang right next to the fireplace and hold matches like she was meant to do.

 I plant herbs in with my flowers.  This planter holds rosemary and sage.

 My bay tree is growing like crazy.  I love having my own bay leaves.  I do not like houseplants but this comes inside to winter over each year.

 This sits between my garage doors.  Have you ever seen those commercials about broken springs on garage doors?  The other day I opened one of my garage doors and a bolt fell on my head.  I inspected the door and found that the main mechanism was pulling out of the wall and actually had cracked a board in half. I immediately called a garage door company and had them come out to fix it.  The workman told me these need to be inspected and lubed each year.  Plus, now the doors open and close like they are brand new.  Live and learn. I hadn't even thought about them in the 15 years since they were installed.


 The candy corn vine has reached the top of the pole.  I can't wait for this to fill out for Fall.

 This planter is in partial shade and is growing very well.

 Honeysuckle growing up my downspout.