Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Decorating for Fall

 It's started!  I know I am early, I'm always early.  But with the wedding looming on the horizon, I'm trying to check off as many things as I can before all out craziness begins. This is gong to be a HUGE wedding. I can't reveal things on the blog because this celebration is going to be one incredible surprise after another and I can't give them away. If you notice my lack of cooking posts, it's because my time is spent doing all wedding stuff, all the time now. As you can see, I was decorating in the dark. Decorating my Fall mantle checks off one of the tasks and gives me a meditative place to go when I need to lower my blood pressure. Plus, with the Summer from hell, I can gaze at the mantle and envision cool, crisp Fall days.

At least I can try. It's tough to do when you and your dog are melting.