Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thrift Shopping

I love this thing. I have no idea what I will do with it but I bought it anyway. It was 10.99 but it was also half off Wednesday!

When you open the shutters there is a mirrored window inside. This will end up outside in the gardens somewhere. When I go to thrift stores, I always look for "disposable" items for the garden. If I can enjoy something like this for one season it is well worth the $5.50! Plus, if I use it in the potting shed, I could get unlimited seasons out of it.

I am always looking for a thin, large spatula and I finally found one for 99 cents.

A Lenox bird with flowers for one of my garden totems. $1.29

This little lady with a bowl of fruit will also be showcased in a garden totem. Since she has grapes in her bowl, I might try to do a wine motif totem. 59 cents.

A hummingbird candle stand. I took out the candle and added the porcelain rose so I can use it in another totem. 59 cents.

I will turn this plate into a cake stand. The plate was 49 cents!

I soooo don't need any pyrex but this was 29 cents. I figure if I give it away with food in it to one of my friends, it beats using the disposable plastic containers.

I like to fill these with jams and dips to give to friends. 99 cents.

And for anyone looking for items to use in totems, keep you eyes open for pieces like this. This cost 39 cents and when turned upside down will make a very decorative piece in a totem.

I always have TV playing while I cook. When the Blog Tech was here this morning, I had 'The View' on. They were making Sherri Shepherd try a durian fruit. Some of you might remember when the Blog Tech and his girlfriend tried one a while back. They said that less than 1 % of people will ever try a durian fruit. For those of you who missed the BT eating one the first time around, you can click on the video to see it!