Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Salem Witch Day Lily and an Artists Retreat

The Salem Witch Day Lilies bloomed this past weekend.  Countdown to Fall has begun.

 I've  started the design on the artists retreat I am going to have built here.  The old gazebo will be taken down and these stones will be relaid as a patio for the building.  It will be built back in the space behind where the gazebo now stands. My goal is to have a charming little house in the woods to sit and read a book or listen to music. It is right next to the creek and it's very private.  It will have electricity in it and there is a full bathroom in the garage which is just up the path.

 Speaking of the path, we have to walk through a beech tunnel to get to the lower garden now.

 This is such a weird summer.  We have had tons of rain but in the last rain-free week, my perennials are wilting.  Look at my sad baptisia.  However, the weeds are growing like...weeds!  I have weeds I've never seen before.

 My hellebore's are still popping up all over the place. I want to transplant them but I am afraid they will pop back up where I dig them up.  Here they are growing in my pachysandra.

Hey Teddy...did you find any bad kitties.

Not yet mama...I'm still looking.

The fish were happy to get some food.

This garden is not doing too good.  The beans are reaching the top of the trellis but have not produced one bean.  No lima beans either. The celery is great as is the fennel and parsnips but the peppers and beets are a bust.

I have about a dozen apples on the espaliered tree. The one next to it has no apples at all.

A shady place to sit on the way back to the main house.