Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Planting

 More one handed planting!  The hardest part of one handed planting is cleaning the nails on your good hand.  I can't put a glove on it either.

 The stone table is covered in plants ready to get their growing on.

 I love these Asiatic Lilies.

 This bed has a long way to go so this will be the 'before' shot.  Once it starts to grow I will post it's progress.

 This is the other side.

 One pot planted with herbs and marigolds.

 This planter has ferns, hostas, sweet potato vine and wave petunias.

 A shady place to rest.

 My Camellia plants are filling in.

Rhododendrons are blooming.

This is the side garden.

It leads down to the patio.

And back to the potting table.