Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Accidents Happen

This is my left hand right now. I had a bad accident this morning. I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later. It's like going into battle over and over, your chance of being wounded is greater. It was a normal morning. I was preparing breakfast and getting ready to hit the stores to stalk up on everything I would need to cook for the neighbors for Easter. My family has been enjoying Vietnamese coffee since the weather has been warm. I was making it again this morning as I have for the last week. I am always conscious of pouring hot liquid into jars. I took a bell jar out of the cabinet and felt it to see how cold it was. It was warm here this morning and the jar did no feel very cold. The coffee had been sitting for a while too and was not terribly hot. I poured the coffee into the jay and heard what I thought was cracking. I looked and felt all over the jar to see if it was broken but I saw nothing. Then I lifted the jar. Coffee poured out everywhere. In an attempt to stop the coffee from spilling more, I slammed the jar down on the counter not knowing my thumb was between the counter and the jar. Yep! Bad accident! I severed my thumb through to the bone. Right through the muscle, tendons and nerves. I flew to the ER as fast as I could get there. Which was actually quite slow being that my husband is not good with emergencies. He drove 10 MPH the whole way, I swear. They couldn't do much other than to suture my thumb. I need to have a plastic surgeon/hand surgeon do the repair. I am out of commission for a while. The Blog Tech gets to make the leg of lamb for Easter and my neighbors are out of luck. I guess it will be sometime until I can cook again. I will try to keep posting but there might not be many photos. When I returned from the ER, Teddy was very upset. She immediately checked out my bandages and brace and licked them. I told her mama has a boo boo and is wearing a cone. She understood this perfectly!

This is all I have to say to that bad Bell Jar!!!