Monday, January 7, 2013

A Big Icicle

This is a whopper of an icicle. 

It is about 7 feet long and formed at the mouth of the scupper which dumps into the cistern.

Teddy wants to chew on it.  She loves icicles.

This one is too big for you puppy!

So sad.

Sorry about not posting yesterday.  I was so busy cooking for the shelter that I completely forgot to put up a post.

This is such an interesting adventure in cooking.  I found heads of cauliflower on sale for 99 cents.  I bought 6 big ones and made cauliflower soup.  45 quarts of it.

And I baked lots of rosemary bread.

To stretch the soup out, I added small pasta shells to it.  It actually improved an already great recipe. You can find it on my sidebar.

Cucumbers were also on sale..3 for 1.00.  I made 8 quarts of cucumber salad.  Apparently the shelter loves dishes like this since they are often short on fresh vegetables.

I also made bags of candied almonds.

I was told yesterday that Jesus is working through my hands, I have a special place in heaven, I should open a restaurant and Jesus is sending golden stairs to heaven for me.  I asked them to tell Jesus I can wait a while for that last blessing.  It's a lot of Jesus stuff to lay on an old pagan like me but I get the message!