Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back From the Country Living Fair

How can I pass on a place that has one of these each year?

Entering the fair.

These lemonade stands are all over the grounds.

These two ladies sell their southern cobblers every year.

The fair takes place in historic Ohio City. The buildings are all wonderful.

As soon as I entered the fair, I realized I needed something to carry my purchases in, so, I bought a large oil cloth carrying bag. They had everything you could think of made out of oil cloth and were selling yardage too.

Click on any picture to enlarge it for a better look. I loved the name of this stall: Fried Green Tomatoes.

And how cool are these urns filled with purple corn stalks and gourds.

Fall and Halloween were everywhere. I was in heaven.

I wanted this chair so bad but have no room for it anywhere. I could just sit on it and lay an egg.

There it is again. A monument to Fall.

This is one of the cute areas in Ohio City.

The entrance to Sitting Park.

And some of my favorite redware. I promised myself I would not buy anymore redware and managed to avoid doing so here.

It's Turtlecreek Pottery redware out of Ohio.

There is The Blog Tech plotting an escape plan. Actually, he had a really good time.

Dried hot pepper bundles.

These metal corn drying frames were for sale everywhere at the fair.

I love this church.

And check out these pillows on the left. Those are copies of the backs of old post cards printed on cloth and made into pillows. Why didn't I buy them?

Cool old metal cross which would be great in a garden.

And check out these marmalade holders. I bought one of them. I am not sure how I am going to use it yet but I couldn't resist.

We covered a lot of territory on our two day trip so I have much more to show you. But it is football Sunday and the game is about to start, so I will quit for today. There is a lot more to show you from the fair and the rest of our trip.