Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Pumpkin Festival

 We have had endless hot, sunny, dry days for well over a month.  Everything is shriveling up and no amount of hand watering makes a difference.  However, the nights arrive earlier and as do the  mornings, so, we have had quite a bit of fog.  When we left early on Saturday, it was very foggy.

 But it quickly cleared up.

 We traveled to Barnesville, Ohio for their annual pumpkin festival.  As much as we enjoy the festivals, we really enjoy exploring these small American towns.  I am an architecture junkie and I sure get my fix on these trips.

 Victorian houses just scream Fall don't they?

 Too bad someone butchered this home.  I am sure it was really grand when it was built.  Look at the top of the turret.  A turret widows walk.

 These towns take Fall decorating very seriously.

 I love this old farm table.  I wonder what plans they have for it.

 A few pumpkins and cornstalks are needed here.

 Victorians do require a lot of maintenance.  I know this first hand.

 Interesting double window above the front porch.  It must be the master bedroom.

 This is my favorite house.  The bike parked out front is just perfect?

 Welcome to the pumpkin festival on main street.

 Every parking lot in town had booths set up.

 What an interesting church.  I believe the cornerstone said 1903.

 Pumpkins from all over the country were entered.  Click for a closer look.  The middle pumpkin weighs over 1500 lbs..

 Rides for the kids.

A very typical small town.  More photos tomorrow!