Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Gardens and a Birthday Celebration

 My birthday is just about here and I am celebrating a different way this year.  But first, a walk through the gardens.

 I love seeing all of the new growth, but with the good comes the bad and I found that all of my new privacy arborvitaes did not make it.  I bought big (expensive) ones to get quicker privacy.  We watered them all last Summer and they looked great into the Fall.  It's just been in the last couple months that they circled the drain.

 The Service Berries are flowering.

 And the rhubarb I thought was dead is growing nicely.

 There is lots of cleanup to do here but the New Dawn roses are covering the potting shed.

 When I was planting this area, I went to nurseries and bought their unsold ferns late in the Fall.  I got really good buys and planted hundreds of ferns.  I love seeing them poking out of the ground each Spring.

 My tulips have not bloomed yet.

 There she goes.

 Tour over!

 It looks like it snowed on my lawn.  These are the flower petals from my Fall Flowering Cherry.

My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year.  I told him steak.  He said, great!  I will take you out to dinner.  I said no....I want steak and lots of it!!!  So, tomorrow The Blog Tech and I will be serving the shelter grilled steaks, asparagus in browned butter, a baked potato bar with all the toppings, garlic bread (as you see above), salads with homemade ranch dressing and lots of homemade chocolate cake with vanilla icing.  Lots of baking and cooking going on here today.  I told the shelter that this was a celebration for all of the men's birthdays.