Thursday, May 14, 2015

Trimming Boxwood's

 We had a very light drizzle yesterday.  Teddy kept her paws dry by laying just inside the door.

 I took advantage of our cooler weather to trim my boxwood's.

 I sure have a lot of them and they all needed to be trimmed.

 I'm thinking that I never should have let them grow this high.  I can hardly see the stone walls anymore.

 I haven't gotten around to opening the fountain yet.

 Maybe next year it would be a good idea to trim the hedges BEFORE I plant the troughs. 

 I bought this planter thinking it would be good to plant tomatoes in and move around to keep them in the sun.  It's barely half full and I can hardly move it.  What a bad design. I've contacted the company to see what can be done.  I think this needs to be redesigned with much bigger wheels.

 The lettuce garden.

 Basil and cherry tomatoes.

 This is not zucchini.  It's a garden lie.  These are peppers and eggplants.

My husband did the boxwood cleanup which I think was the worst part.
 It's a jungle out there!  Think twice before you plant wisteria.

Think twice before you plant boxwood's too.