Saturday, September 24, 2011

the Original Practical Magic Spell Book

Today I am participating in The Practical Magic Blog Party at: . There seems to be endless interest in this spell book.

I purchased it at auction right after the movie was released.

It came stuffed with all sorts of notes and feathers and dried flowers and such.

Since I have it on display on a book stand, I removed all of those items and stored them away.

Today I am revealing pages I have never shown before.

This is the page showing the Exorcist Brew.

It is hidden in the back of the book in the "black magic" section.

This is a new spell book I purchased in Salem last year.

This is a reproduction of the practical magic spell book that I also own.

This is my own spell book.

I put everything and anything that interests me in my spell book.

I always put Halloween cards I receive in my book.

It is so much fun to look back at them during the year.

I also use it like a journal and try to make an entry each day.

If I come across a good recipe, I add it too.

I press flowers from my garden and glue them to the pages.

This is the front of my spell book.

I have filled one and am working on my second!

Have a great Practical Magic day!!!