Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

 Have a piece of pecan pie!

 I made pecan brittle to top the pumpkin pies.

 The Blog Tech thought it looked like puke.

 I baked some huge potatoes for the mashed potatoes.


 I made 14 small pumpkin pies which will be topped with whipped cream and the pecan brittle.

 While things were cooking and baking, I worked on the tree.  I keep decorations in these vintage Christmas boxes.

 I just finished the tree this morning so I will show pics of it tomorrow.

 The big potatoes made lots of mashed potatoes.

 When I make my turkey, I rub butter under the skin.

Then I line it with sage leaves.  It self bastes as it cooks.  I will get pics of the finished bird when it comes out of the oven in another few hours.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Please send some positive energy to Bev when you have time.  My sweet friend is not doing very well.