Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring in the Garden

The phlox is blooming.  I just bought some pink phlox yesterday to add to these steps.
 Solomon's Seal next to the strawberries.

 The creek is running and Teddy is getting multiple drinks from the ponds each day.

 Suddenly this year the wild onions have taken over.  I have them everywhere.

 Ferns and hostas popping up between the boulders.

 The ramps.  At this stage I can pick a few but I really can't harvest many until they clump and this bed becomes a sea of green leaves. I have two of these beds planted.

 In the center of this pic you can see my May apples.  They have never come up this early before.  I planted these a few years ago and they too should spread considerably in a few more years.  When I was little we used to call these umbrella plants.  Maybe I would enjoy Spring if we actually had it.  Yesterday was 80 degrees and this morning it was 68 at 5:00am.  That's Summer weather as far as I am concerned. On Friday, The Blog Tech and his father went to the coldest baseball game they've ever attended.  They froze and were bundled up from head to toe and used hand and feet warmers. For last night's game they had on sun lotion and t-shirts.