Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Braised Pork Roast

I am back! I was lost without The Blog Tech! Teddy Cone Head is doing well and gets her stitches out a week from today. Hopefully this will be the end of her eye problems. We are in puppy prison as we must be with her 24 hours a day. I am managing to squeeze some cooking in.

I saw this recipe on Ree Drummond's blog recently and just had to try it.

I used 2 different cuts of pork because that is what I had on hand. I would suggest a pork shoulder or pork butt which weighs about 4 pounds.

Heavily season the meat with salt and pepper and granulated garlic.

Slice 3 large onions.

And slice 5-6 apples.

Pour some olive oil in a heavy pot and brown the meat on all sides until a deep golden crust forms.

Once the meat has browned, add the onions and apples and several sprigs of rosemary and a bunch of bay leaves to it.

Add 4 or 5 cups of apple cider.

Add enough beef stock to the the pot until the roast is almost covered.

Cover the pot and place it in a 300 degree oven for several hours until the meat is very tender.

Bring some beef stock to a boil for the wild rice. Follow the directions for the amount you wish to make.

When the meat is done, remove it and sit it on a platter, separate the onions and apples from the broth.

Bring the broth to a rapid boil and reduce to thicken. Test the sauce for flavor and add salt and pepper. I also added a couple of Knorrs Concentrated Stock packs.

The cooked wild rice.

Once the liquid has thickened, add the sliced meat to it.

Serve the rice topped with onions and apples and some of the meat.

This has a truly wonderful flavor.