Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Bit of Fall on This Hot Sunny Sunday

Only the very top of my maple is changing colors.

So true!

My olive oil container.

I made the gang apple fritters with a maple glaze this morning. They were very happy. I will post the recipe tomorrow.

Where's my gun? Damn squirrels. Not only do they eat them but they don't clean up their mess.

Total devastation.

Okay..this is it fuzzy!!! The gloves are off!!!!

This is what I did with my broken wind chimes. I drilled a bunch of holes in a branch cut from my English Walking Stick and used fishing line to tie the broken chimes to it. New wind chimes.

The giant weeping beech has not changed color yet.

The Hostas are all dying back.

The self transplanted Impatiens are still rather hardy.

The Beauty Berry thrives.

And they are beautious!

Soon it will be time to turn off the stream and falls.

I am letting the mums winter over and I am hoping next year they will come back strong and fill the whole bed.

The New Dawn roses are done blooming.

Slowly things are turning.

The planter mums are still healthy.

As soon as this hot weather is over, it will be time for fires in the evening.

I love the way the sun lights up the stained glass windows in the Argentinian Cedar doors.

The Lily Pads are dying back and soon the fish will hibernate.

A glimpse of red and yellow.

The maples behind the pool.

The yellow one is a Black Locust.

And the cabbage looking thing continues to grow in my raised planter. I still don't know what it is and it is only producing leaves.