Monday, June 10, 2013

And The Gardens Grow

 I have had a very busy day so the only pics I have are the ones I took yesterday late afternoon as I checked out the gardens.  The Day Lilies are blooming in the patio garden.

 And it continues to grow.  I now have 14 tomato plants scattered throughout all the other pots.  The roofers ladder has joined my little garden.  It's raining today so no roof work yet!

 Large green tomatoes.

 The day lilies are about to bloom in the flower beds.

 Oakleaf hydrangeas.

 Blooms on the blackberry bushes.


 An awesome Paper Bark Maple.

 Roses and Katsuras.

 As summer approaches, the rose blooms are dropping.

 Several years ago I had sage planted in this end of the raised bed.  I used to sit here and dangle my toes in it.  I thought of writing a garden book and titling it 'Tickle My Toes With Sage'.

 I built a small lattice for the Black Eyed Susan vine to climb on.

 I don't know that I have shown this part of my garden before.  It is the terraced orchard.  It need lots of work which I will show you when I get to it.

 A view up the creek.

 The Beauty Berry berries have arrived.

The Lily Pads are blooming but I can't seem to get a good pic of them.