Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Tour Of Zoar

Click to enlarge. Somehow I got my photos out of order so the photos of the community gardens are the last two on this post.

One of the wonderful things about this town is that not only are the original buildings and homes preserved, they are all still used. The old cobbler shop is now a B & B. They have wonderful Halloween and Christmas celebrations in the town and you can stay in many of these quaint places and be right in the midst of it all.

You can peak into wonderful gardens behind all of the homes.

Zoar is a very patriotic town.

Almost all of the houses have picket fences.

Everyone takes pride in their homes.

Even the birdhouses are cute.

This used to be a boys dormitory.

The birds even have their own church.

The garages get special attention too.

There are many of the original outbuildings still standing.

This fence has grapes growing over the length of it.

I just can't figure this out.....dead bird? Is this like one of those horrible stories where a kid wets his bed and his mother hangs his wet sheets out of the window for everyone to see?

I love the rain barrel.

Unfortunately, the festival had few vendors this year. Some of my favorites were missing. I asked around and people told me it is a sign of the economy. It is just too expensive for some of the vendors to drive this far and pay for gas and lodging when people aren't spending as much as before. We hear about this daily but somehow it means more when it hits you in the Zoar.

The main part of this house is an original log cabin.

I love the way the houses keep their original paint colors.

Even the neglected buildings are charming.

This area would normally have been packed with vendors and shoppers.


This was one of the vendors I was glad to see.

Click for a better look.

Normally, my favorite furniture makers would have been right here. I needed a stool and was counting on buying one but no luck.

This is so cool how they set up the fireplace with the carpet right on the grass. sad!

Teddy, on the other hand, could care less about the lack of vendors. She was out of the garden room for the day which was a major reason to rejoice!

This is the antique tent. The line forms early.

This booth carried old carnival games.

These were awesome! They are the dolls you throw balls at and try to knock over to win a prize.

Quite a number of antique dealers.

It was so horribly hot that people were sitting around just trying to chill a bit.

And of course there were guns. This is America after all!

Period entertainment too.

This is still a working bakery.

And finally the community gardens.

They are quite something to see. More of the trip tomorrow!

* Teddy got the cone off at 5:00 am this morning. She looked at me like I was crazy. I think she thought it was permanent. She is almost back to normal and her eyes look great!