Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Day of Fall in the Country

We headed off on another road trip to the country and took so many pictures that it will take a few days to post them all. We've had a horribly dry, hot summer and I am worried that we will not get the great Fall colors I was hoping for. Some trees have started to change and I tried to capture as many colors as I could.

Almost all of the corn has been harvested and the fields have been prepared for Fall. Click to enlarge.

The area we visited had some beautiful barns.

This area had brick and stone churches rather than the wooden ones we saw so many of on the last trip.

I stopped by the roadside and cut these thistles to use in arrangements. Oh boy are they sharp!

I really want to turn one of these into my new home!

The Maples are some of the first trees to turn.

This countryside is covered with split rail fences.

This is horse country.

Long ago I used to ride in a hunt that started on this very road.

Cantering was always my favorite part of riding. You can see this horse is cantering.

This farm planted evergreens and maples together for a beautiful Fall show.

Split rail shadows.

Watching her made me miss riding.

I used to train racehorses.

This is the spot where the hunt would begin.

I could fix this one up!

I love this time of the year so much but I really wish our weather would drop into at least the low 80's.

Gorgeous country road.

Tomorrow I will show you the pics of the town we visited. I hope you got a bit of a Fall fix from these pictures. Happy first day of Fall and blessed Mabon to all!

* To anyone in the eastern part of the country that is experiencing the Stink Bug infestation, if you have any advice I would really appreciate it. For those of you who have not heard about will. Believe me there can be nothing quite as creepy as these hideous bugs...ugh!!!

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