Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pumpkin and Leaf Cookies

I make these cookies every Fall.  They are a lots of work but are well worth it.  I gave these to my friends which made them very happy.
First you have to make the colored icing.  I mix each individual color in a plastic bag.

You can make as many Fall colors as you want to use.

You just snip the corner off of each bag so you can pipe the icing on the cookies.

It is inevitable, you decorate yourself as well.

This is royal icing which needs to dry until it is firm.  After you decorate the cookies, they need to sit out overnight to dry.

I used a maple leaf and pumpkin cutter but you can make them in any shape you wish.

I enlisted The Blog Tech's help.

He got a bit artistic.

My friend's kids ate them for breakfast.  Here is the link to the  recipe: