Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mirror Chains

Since we are having summer weather in February, I've been doing outside projects. I've been making mirror chains to hang all over the garden.  I started out making these years ago just using mirror tiles.  Then I decided to add beads and medallions.  Why does a witch have a cross?  Catholic roots die hard.  Just teasing!  I'm just sort of fascinated with cross symbols and I thought this heavy glass cross was very cool.  I wrapped it in copper wire which should look great when it weathers.
 I made this one yesterday using a glass mushroom medallion.  These chains hold up really well outside year round as long as all the beads are glass.

 It's hard to photograph these suckers.  This is a simple chain made using crystals from an old chandelier.

 When it is sunny out, these chains come alive.  They reflect the light all over the woods and garden. It looks like fairies flying around.  Quite magical.

I have them hanging on my porches as well.  Different chains come to life at different times of the day depending on the location of the sun.

This one has a sun medallion and skull beads.  It balances out the cross.