Sunday, August 29, 2010

What I Bought at the Market

I won't bore you with the food choices but I will show you the good stuff. I bought two bottles of this wine because I loved the cat bottle. This one went to my daughter and her weekend guest. It is now empty.

This one is mine and will stay full.

I found linen dish towels with "Z's" on them. My last name starts with a "Z" and I rarely find anything with this letter. "Z's" get the crappy end of the stick in the letter world!

As the package says: Cheese is alive. Nurture it. Cheese wrapped in this paper lasts much longer and tastes better than wrapping it in plastic wrap.

Rufus says that you don't need a smart brain to be a good cook, just a smart tongue.

I bought this beautiful prism to hang in my window to create rainbows. It's the Pollyanna in me. It is 5 x 3 and very heavy and it only cost $8.49.

Another cool heavy metal hand to add to my hand collection.

I love this basket. The moment I saw it I pictured a lemon pie under the dome or at least some freshly baked rolls.

This went to my daughter's boyfriend with the request that I get the empty box back. I expect I might receive it today or tomorrow at the latest.

To finish off the West Point Market trip, I am posting pics taken by the Blog Tech. That's why his blogs watermark is on all of the pics. Where ever the two of us go with our cameras, it is always so much fun to compare our different perspectives of the very same places.

This photo was taken at my request before we left for the trip. I was so excited to be able to see Venus and the Moon so clearly. I called him at 5:30 am and told him to quickly go outside and take this pic. By the time he got up and out there, the photo op had changed considerably. So, you almost got to see a really cool pic of the Moon and Venus. The earlier riser should have the better lens is all I'm saying.

The following are the Blog Tech's photos. The trip through his eyes.

Ohio's penal system at work.

Entering Akron, Ohio....home to Goodyear rubber.

Entering the West Point Market.

Halloween decorations and gift baskets. I'm not sure that it is possible but I think my kids are bigger fans of Halloween than I am. But that really might not be possible.

However, he took pics of the Halloween decorations and I did not so........

He also took pics of the checkout. I don't think I have ever been to a store where someone empties your card onto the checkout and then bags everything and puts it back into the cart and then takes it to your car. It's like a grocery shopping miracle. If they could have just come home and carried it inside and put it in my cupboards, it would have been perfect.

Where I took mostly closeups of products, he took sweeping shots of the aisles.

Same with the cases.

I missed this display totally. Check out the sign on top. All We Have We Owe To Udders. A bit of dairy humor.

This is the stores cafe.

Whereas my photos showed individual items, his show the layout of the mini shops.

The Killer Brownies.

This is the time of year when the two of us start taking little day trips. And we will take you along on all of the trips.

So it is time to say goodbye to The West Point Market and shout out a big thank you to all of the employees which made this such a delightful experience.

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