Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ramp Festival

 Sorry for the blurry pic but The Blog Tech thought it was fun to take "ramp" pics on the way to our first ramp festival of the year.

 This one is held in beautiful West Virginia.  If you've never been to West Virginia, it is simply one of the most beautiful places.

 This is a small festival in a cute little park on top of a small mountain.


 Ramp candy.  Chocolate covered ramps, ramp flavored hard tack, and ramp mints.  My daughter tried the ramp mints and said they ruined her life.

 Rebel flag territory.

 This was so cute.  Each picnic table had ramps as a centerpiece and a bowl of green peppermints to help with your 'ramp breath' after you've eaten.

 Wooden hand carved ramp plaques.

 Ramp butter.

 Ramp dips, ramp seasoning, ramp vinegar.  all things ramp for sale and taste testing.

 Click for a closer look.

 Fried ramps are very good.

 Ramp hot dogs, ramp salad, ramp potato soup and ramp hashbrowns.

The Blog Tech's fiance really, really likes ramps. 
 On the way home we stopped at a Hungarian smoke house.

 Click to enlarge.

Welcome to Trump country!