Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teddy Has Some News

She is having plastic surgery! As if she isn't cute enough already! Teddy needs an eye lift. She has something called entropion. Many dogs with smooched in faces have this problem. Her eye lids are too droopy and her lashes are scratching her corneas. She has been having wet eyes for quite some time. None of the vets we visited diagnosed what was wrong. She would get eye drops for a while and as soon as we finished them, her eyes would become infected again. We finally took her to a specialist who diagnosed the problem. The surgery is not a major concern for me but the anesthetic is. Chow Chows do not handle anesthetic very well. They need much less than regular dogs and there are only a couple kinds they can tolerate. I am in contact with the vet and she has promised to plan ahead with the anesthesiologist . It still makes me nervous. The last time she was there they forgot and gave her exactly the wrong one and poor Teddy really had trouble with it. It took her days to shake off the effect.

The droopy eye look will soon be gone. I hate having her go through this. But I also don't want her to lose her eyesight. She already has corneal scarring and I have to give her drops for 2 months to try to reverse some of it.

They have to shave her face for the surgery too. My last chow had this same operation and she looked like an alien for weeks.

The surgery is a week from tomorrow. If you could send her some positive energy on that day I would appreciate it. I am going to be one relieved mama when this is over. I can not even think about trying to keep an Elizabethan collar on her. Oh well, one day at a time!

So, to make me feel better, I got out some Halloween stuff.

First I got out my Halloween plates. Each plate has a different pattern.

The raven.

Skull and cross bones.

And my favorite, the witch!

I put out more Halloween candy. No one even eats this stuff but I like how it looks. Well, that is not exactly true. The Blog Tech stuffs several handfuls of peanut M&M's in his mouth every morning when he comes over here. The breakfast of champions.

Pumpkins in a pumpkin.

The glass pumpkins are on the windowsill.

I love that Dots makes bats and candy corns.

And I put my pumpkin light on my desk just in front of my witch lamp. This is actually dark orange though it photographed really bright.