Monday, February 3, 2014

Looking For The Right Spot

 My husband usually takes Teddy out for an early walk each morning. He had an appointment this morning so Teddy's schedule was interrupted.   It is snowing so she laid right inside the door, keeping an eye on her territory but not getting too snowed on.

 I knew it was beyond poo time so I threw on a coat and took her out in the yard. 

 Chow Chows are very different types of dogs.  They are loathe to poo in their own yards.

 But it doesn't stop them from looking for the right spot.

 Teddy walks behind every bush and basically covers the entire yard.

Maybe by the boxwoods?
 Maybe it would be okay to poo in the far corner by the pool?

 I guess not.  I also know what's coming.

 Okay Teddy, we will go to the lower gardens. She would sit here all day until I open that gate.

 Lots of poo places down here.

 Okay...I left the actually poo out of this post.  I thought it was a wise choice.  I will tell you though that she picked the spot as far away from the main house as possible and almost pushed her butt through the fence.  If she could pick it up and bag it, I think she would.

 She eats a bit of snow on the way back.

 She makes sure there are no bad kitties hiding anywhere.

Then it is time to head back to the mother ship and the turbos are turned on.

 She bounds up the steps.

 A little break for a breather, these are very steep steps.

 And then back through the gate.

Another poo mission accomplished.