Saturday, June 13, 2015


We finally got a bit of rain.  It's been so dry that my weeds were wilting.  It's hard to believe it isn't even Summer and we've consistently been in the upper 80's and 90's here for over a month.
 It's been a good year to use these self watering planters.

 My little driveway garden is doing okay though the eggplants aren't growing much.

 The blueberries are starting to turn blue!

 Fall flowering Clematis grows well when you plant it in the right place.  My house will be painted soon which I am dreading.  Workmen will be crawling all over this place and Teddy will go crazy.  And lots of plants will be trampled and cut back.  This one will be cut to the quick long before it gets a chance to bloom.

 Day Lily explosion about to happen.

 They are saying that more rain is on the way.  I sure hope so.

 Somehow watering never replaces rain.

 Have you ever seen weedier grass?  I don't use chemicals but even if I did, living in the city you deal with weeds.  Neighbors in the city never use chemlawn let alone take care of their lawns at all.  So, everyone has weeds.

 Back of the garage.

 I'm painting the fountain.  It should be running this coming week.

 This is Teddy's favorite rolling place.

Hydrangeas will be blooming soon.  I hope things are green wherever you live!