Friday, April 25, 2014

Guess Where We Are Off To Again?

 Off for our morning patrol of the lower gardens.  Teddy and I are very predictable.

 Originally, this was going to be a small circular perennial bed around the pillar.  The more I cleared away, the more I realized needed to be cleared away. The ivy had taken over and was shrinking this room.

 When I designed this room, I brought in big boulders to work as rustic walls. The ivy had covered them so I trimmed it all back.

 The perennials will look so much prettier set against the backdrop of the stones.

 I put in this new garden bell and am training Teddy to come when I ring it.

 Looking for varmints!

 I planted strawberries on this bank below the upper pond and they seem to like the spot.

 More foxgloves and hollyhocks.

 Teddy on her perch.  She is still holding her paw in the air.  It is the most perplexing thing.  She runs like there is nothing wrong with her.  She goes on walks as usual.  She only holds the paw up when she is standing completely still.  She lets me inspect it and acts as though nothing is wrong with it.

 Click for a closer look.  I thought this was such a cute pic of her.

 The ponds are still not running.  The skimmer will be covered with rocks once we have everything fixed.

 Fish water tastes so good.

 My Lilies of the Valley are blooming.  Next year this whole area should be filled in with them.

 The Solomon's Seal is opening and also seems to be happy in this spot.

 I guess the tour is over.

Until next time.