Thursday, August 18, 2016


 The Blog Tech and his soon to be wife spent a week in the Seattle area attending a guess what?  Wedding! While they were there, they did as much sightseeing as they could squeeze in. Being a huge fan of the old series, and soon to be a new series, Twin Peaks, they drove up to Snowqualmie to stop by the diner for a slice of cherry pie and a 'good cup o' Joe' and then headed up to the Salish Lodge to see the falls.  While they were there they bought me this book.  They know what a frustrated wannabe bee keeper I am.

 They got me this cute little glass bee too.

 For anyone interested in bees, this is a fabulous book.  It shows you the entire history of bees and honey.

 Discusses all the different types of bees.

 Beekeeping, of course.

 How to use bees wax.

 Bee sting therapy.....NOOOOO!!!!

If you know someone with bees or someone who wants to have bees like me, this is a wonderful gift.
And the wedding baking continues!