Monday, August 1, 2011

Teddy Pooped!

I know this fact probably doesn't excite anyone but us, but after a week, this is a big deal. You know how I always tell you about how chows won't poop in their houses, kennels, yards, neighborhoods....on and on? Well, for the first time since surgery, my husband took Teddy to the park this morning. The first thing she did was find the highest grass, out of modesty, and she pooped!!! What a relief for all of us. Haha...when you are locked in one room for 24 hours a day for a week, this is cause for celebration! So, life is a bit back to normal.

Using yesterday's Lammas bread, I made the guys BLT's. This bread slices wonderfully.

Just the regular traditional BLT.

Except my husband hates mayo so he wanted cheddar on his. How ghastly! How can one hate mayonnaise?

This is the perfect sandwich bread. I made a 'mater sandwich using local tomatoes and mayo on this bread and it was heavenly!