Monday, December 31, 2012

The First Snow

A couple days ago, I opened my front door to see this......Ahhhhhh...snow!

Within a couple hours it looked like this....more snow!!!

The back yard just after the snow began.

Teddy observes the gardens from the back porch.  She is not a snow lover like my last chow.

She prefers to be inside when there is lots of snow.

Teddy is acutely aware of any changes in her surroundings.  I brought out a purse which I haven't used in ages to give to my daughter.  I laid it on the coffee table and as soon as she came in the room she noticed it.

She decided to take a closer look.  She has never set foot on this table before.

Hmmmm....maybe I will play with the angel?

But I really want that purse.

What a predicament.

I can see through this table.

This is how she chooses to interact with the snow.  It is a killer on the heat bills.

Not too long after the snow started it looked like this.

More snow is on the way with very cold temperatures so it will be hanging around here for a while.  Happy New Year's Eve!